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The Dangers of Medical Radiation by Olive Peart

It is one of the ironies of medicine that radiation, as in x-rays, CT scans, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine can cause cancer yet can be used to detect and treat cancer. Perhaps because of this irony, most of us know very little about radiation dangers. Often we simply trust our doctors and care-givers to do what is right. In the majority of cases this mutual trust system works well.

But what happens when the system fails?

A recent study suggests that 15,000 people are projected to die within the coming years from the radiation they received from x-ray procedures!

How can we protect ourselves?

Last year 3000 patients were treated for serious radiation burns at a wound care facility.

Read how to protect yourself from medical radiation!

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Eve’s Poetic Paradise Calendar 2011 by Eve Hall

Eve Hall's calendar not only gives you the days of the week, but it includes 12 excellent poems that she has written for each month.
Readers of any genre will enjoy this calendar, but especially lovers of poetry and prose. Please order and tell your friends.


Another Year Has Come And Gone,
This Is The Time We Make Goals For Ourselves.
Resolutions That We Fail To Keep That Are,
Just Another Way Of Lying To Ourselves.

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Spanish for Radiology Professionals 2nd Edition by Olive Peart

Visit her web site at

Updated to include all the new technological terms associated with digital imaging.
The only Spanish book to include the terminology that is unique to all radiology department.

With little or no knowledge of Spanish, you CAN communicate your instructions to your Spanish patients within minutes. Read More...

eBook $15.68: Paperback $23.99 (Free shipping)

20% discount on order of 5 or more. 40% discount on orders of 10 or more

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Inspirations by Iandalez

A collection of inspirational poems for everyday living.

Pursuing pleasure is fine
But knowledge and understanding makes you shine
Therefore, put business before pleasure
And that is much to treasure

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Mink by Christine Pat

Why are children left alone?  In many instances a young child is loved and cared for but may still be left alone at home.

"Mink" gives a brief peek into the day of a 5 year old as she struggles to deal with her joys, her fears and her emotions.

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