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Spanish for Radiology Professionals 2nd Edition

by Olive Peart

Updated to include all the new technological terms associated with digital imaging.
The only Spanish book to include the terminology that is unique to all radiology department.

With little or no knowledge of Spanish, you CAN communicate your instructions to your Spanish patients within minutes.

eBook $15.68: Paperback $23.99 (Free shipping)

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Mink by Christine Pat

Why are children left alone?  In many instances a young child is loved and cared for but may still be left alone at home.

"Mink" gives a brief peek into the day of a 5 year old as she struggles to deal with her joys, her fears and her emotions.

eBook $0.49

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Inspirations by Indalex

A collection of inspirational poems for everyday living.

Pursuing pleasure is fine
But knowledge and understanding makes you shine
Therefore, put business before pleasure
And that is much to treasure